At Home

  • Get a no cost home energy audit (HEA): There are many ways to save energy and make your home more comfortable. To learn more Contact MassSave  or HomeWorks Energy and set up a time for a home energy assessment with an expert from a state accredited home energy company. Earn credits for insulation, receive free LED light bulbs, save on energy strips and programmable thermostats, water savings measures and more.  An energy audit is also a first step to rebate programs to update your home heating and cooling systems to more efficient all electric models. 
  • Capture the power of the sun: solar electricity, battery storage and solar hot water. Many homes have siting that allows them to use solar photovoltaic (PV) panels for electricity and or Thermal solar panels for hot water. Once you have Solar PV you can also evaluate the benefit of storing that power in batteries. 
  • EnergySage is a site that can help you evaluate if your home might be a good candidate for solar and compare quotes from participating vendors. 

To learn more about solar energy in Massachusetts, try visiting Mass Solar

Below are two companies that have had good reviews from some of your neighbors: 

  • Revision Energy: Offers solar panels, Heat pumps and Tesla Battery systems. 
  • SunBug Solar: Local provider, based in Arlington, for Solar PV systems.

Evaluate your current home heating and cooling systems: 

  • If you have an aging natural gas or oil heating system, this may be a good time to explore all electric heating and cooling systems that can eliminate or minimize the use of polluting fossil fuels in your home.  Want to learn more? Contact Green Energy Consumers Alliance
  • Use electric heating/cooling with energy-efficient heat pumps.

Choose cleaner electricity
Lexington residents are fortunate to live in a town that has chosen to group together to purchase renewable energy for our electricity at than the cost of Eversource basic electricity. We are all automatically enrolled. In addition, there are even greener options available through Lexington’s Community Choice Program.

Drive electric vehicles: save with rebates and tax credits.

Choose public transportation, walk or ride a bike!

Use less water.

Wash clothes in cold water and line dry when feasible.

Choose to eat less meat and dairy.

Buy local food grown using organic/regenerative principals.

Compost your food waste!

Protect trees; plant native species.

Green your yard and garden.

  • LexGWAC: “Planting New Ideas
  • Plant an organically managed vegetable garden and grow some of your own food.
  • Plant pollinator-friendly native flowers, bushes and trees in your yard.
  • Manage the grass you keep with all-natural solutions for fertilizing and, when needed, pest management.
  • Avoid use of pesticides/herbicides that are dangerous to our health and to the health of pollinators.

Reduce overall consumption: buy less, buy local and enjoy more.  Lexington households generate about ¾ of a ton of carbon emissions from their trash each year.

Use less plastic and learn to recycle the right way.

Fly less and offset the flights you do take.

Measure your carbon footprint and find ways to reduce it overall!